Family Office

AZUKARA AG is a Swiss Family Office founded by Lenka Beinhoff and based in Zurich since 2010. As a family-owned company, we are specialized in advising our partner families on how to build a sustainable family legacy, raise the next generation to future leaders, and accelerate the family wealth and business.


AZUKARA is a legacy name that was created by our founder, Lenka Beinhoff, after she followed her calling to join a group in 2018 to visit a white lion sanctuary in Tsau, South Africa. She learned about a white lion named Zukara Ra and was impressed by the way the lion families organize as a family group exhibiting behavioural patterns similar to humans. The white lions are referred to as the star lions by the Shangaan tribe originated from the sacred land of Timbavati and being protected by the White Lion shamanic medicine. They believe the white lions carry the ancient wisdom on Earth, living in South Africa on the Golden Meridian connected to The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Lenka observed, learned, and adopted the techniques and ancient wisdom from the white lions for her work with families. AZUKARA embodies the white lions‘ protection to ensure the continued harmony, success, and prosperity of our partner families, as well as our own.


Advisory Philosophy

The Azukara philosophy is based on our beliefs that family, identity, and time are the most precious assets in life and that each generation has its own tasks and goals to achieve during a certain time span. We take a seven-generation perspective in the family history analysis and acknowledge the link between the sustainable success of a family business and wealth contingent upon the physical, emotional, and mental health of the multi-generational family system and its individual members.



Advisory Process

We work on multi-dimensional levels of family enterprise systems and multi-generational time spans by employing our proprietary advisory process DESIGN YOUR FAMILY®. With focus on family first, we are able to find the key drivers of the family success and the hidden roadblocks in the history to be removed in order to build a self-perpetuating family legacy system.


DESIGN YOUR FAMILY® advisory process uses a combination of technical family know-how, modern neurosciences, energy medicine, and ancient wisdom. With help of new structures and performance processes in the family organisation and at the level of the next generations, we build a strong family foundation based on health, unity, and entrepreneurial success. Achieving goals together as a family supporting each other while creating wealth and building businesses becomes natural and enjoyable, bringing more unity and harmony into the family. 


Vision, Mission, Values




Our mission BUILDING FAMILIES INTO LEGACIES™ while building the harmony between wealth and family is deeply embedded within our advisory process. Helping families prosper over generations and shaping them into peak performance families are the driving forces behind every solution we design.



Know-how & Expertise

Our know-how and expertise allow us to pull out our partner families from any traps coming with substantial wealth and business in a multi-generational family.



Our dedication and commitment to families drive us to develop new techniques and solutions uniting the family and accelerating their wealth and business.



Our independence is the foundation of our strength and success. We represent solely the interests of our partner families, enjoying the freedom to design tailored-made mandates.