Family Office Jobs

At Azukara, we always look for smart human beings who are open to accelerate their success and ready to use their undiscovered potential for themselves and our partner families. If you are the one, then we would like to get to know you. 


Our Azukara recruiting process is tailored-made and consists of three stages:


Stage One

If you feel to be the right fit for Azukara, can identify with our website, and fulfill the Azukara-criteria of openness, integrity, and flexibility then please send us a short email “APPLICATION” at admin(at) with your interest in a certain position. If we do not have the position yet we might create it for you. Please do NOT send us your CV with degrees at this stage as we do not want to get distracted from your human being. 


Stage Two 

When we agree with you that you are the right fit for Azukara and Azukara for you, then we will kindly ask you to send us your CV with your credentials and appropriate documents.


Stage Three

After reading your credentials, when we find the perfect match for your skills and your potential we will invite you to a personal meeting. Before this meeting, you will receive our documents to get prepared, so you can shine.