Being born into a family with substantial wealth and business carries an unexpected responsibility. Whether your family wealth will quickly run out, or will positively influence your family development in the future, will depend on the appropriate skills your next generation can acquire as a part of your strategic family plan.


We prepare your younger generations for their future roles in investment management, family legal structures, philanthropic activities, and family governance. Having mindful and responsible family members is one of the key power centers of building your family legacy.

I believe that whoever is successful should help ensure that the next generation can be successful, too.
                                                 Hasso Plattner


Successful Business Owner

The family members of your next generation who will become leaders or shareholders in your family business need to gradually grow into their responsibilities over a longer time span in a safe environment. The transition of your family business to the next generation will happen almost effortlessly after your family has built up the proper family infrastructure and given your children the time and skills they need to become mindful business owners in the future.


Successful Wealth Inheritor

Your family members who will inherit substantial assets need to learn how to become beneficiaries with both enjoyment and responsibility. Along with your family wealth, you as parents also transfer your values, expectations, and beliefs – all of which must be discussed with your children in advance. This will keep the true purpose of your family wealth alive and family peace intact. Becoming a mindful steward of family wealth does not just happen overnight.


Successful Me

The members of your next generation who need more time and guidance before they feel comfortable joining your family business would benefit from spending additional time with individual coaching. Time invested in gaining a better orientation of one’s purpose in life can help foster hidden talents, which potentially can benefit your entire family enterprise. By nature, all children wish to add value to their family, and we can help them to discover their best self.