Lenka Beinhoff, ACFWA, ACFBA

Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Investment Officer 



Lenka is founder and CEO of the AZUKARA AG. in Switzerland. She is also a co-founder and CEO of the Institute for Family Healing ( As a family advisor, Lenka coaches international families and members of the next generations on how to build a successful family business and legacy where substantial wealth and business get transferred into the next generations. After having studied business, banking and finance at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia, and HSG St. Gallen, Switzerland, Lenka studied the family wealth and business advisory at the Family Firm Institute in Boston ( and the Bowen Family System Theory at the Bowen Center for Family Study in Washington, USA (


During her professional career at the Rothschild Bank AG Zurich, she discovered her life purpose to be the service for the families and the children. Her today’s passion belongs to ancient healing practices, neurosciences, and modern energy medicine. She has studied energy medicine and shamanic medicine with Dr. Gene Ang, USA, BioGeometry® by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Egypt, and other quantum techniques with Dr. Robert Gilbert, Vesica Institute, USA.


Lenka’s life purpose is to combine the traditional advisory work for families with modern energy medicine and ancient wisdom to accelerate their successes in achieving unexpected results today and for the future generations while enhancing the harmony and the family health. 


She is a sought-after speaker at international conferences and publishes articles on subjects regarding family health & wealth, family business and the development of future generations. She speaks English, German, Slovak/Czech, and Russian.